Structural integrity and stability of casing elements of oil wells

  • Casing includes a pipe with multiple perforated holes
  • Optimal design solutions allow for great throughput capacity, while maintaining structural integrity and stability


Structural integrity and stability of cable trays of various shapes and sizes

  • Studied the structural integrity and stability of cable trays
  • Applied the results to the tray design


Balloon angioplasty – stenting of blood vessels

  • Developed a mathematical model for testing polymer stents using a crimping machine
  • Stent development is mostly done using computer simulations
  • Modified the stent construction based on the results from the stress-strain tests




Modified the stent construction based on the results from the stress-strain tests

  • Elements of the locking device undergo plastic deformation and are used under heavy loads
  • Selection of materials based on tension-compression tests
  • Developed model is used for choosing materials and unit geometry




Calculation of the load-carrying capacity of metal-ceramic dental bridge

  • Studied the load parameters of the metal-ceramic dental bridge given the plastic deformation of its base
  • Studied the loads on abutment teeth
  • Determined the permissible dimensions for dentures that go in between the facings
  • Developed recommendations for prosthodontists and specialists on dental technology


Development of offshore cargo containers

  • Developed an original special-purpose offshore cargo container
  • Conducted calculations on structural integrity in order to assess the soundness of the container in accordance with the European Standard EN-12079-2006 (more than 20 load cases)
  • Made adjustments to reinforce the structure
  • Drafted documentation for certification in the register of shipping
  • Successfully completed the certification
  • Developed cargo container entered mass production