Design automation

Computerization is an intrinsic part of the modern design industry that has elevated it to a whole new level. The use of modern design software has resulted in the surge of productivity and made solvable even the most challenging problems facing the engineers. 

Specialized software is the main avenue of computerization for the industry. It comes in various forms: as applications to general-purpose software, or as separate independent programs.

CAD suites are almost always multi-purpose, and consist of three main elements:

  • CAD (Computer-aided Design) –  graphics software.
  • САМ (Computer-aided Manufacturing) — software for automating manufacturing processes.
  • САЕ (Computer-aided Engineering) – software for engineering analysis and all related operations.

As a whole, CAD suites offer the following:

  • design tools;
  • monitoring software for design tools; 
  • relevant databases;
  • documentation packages with information for efficient suite usage.

The market is replete with software suites that are irreplaceable in their respective fields. They are not all-purpose; in this case versatility is not necessarily an advantage. However even the most narrowly specialized software suites must have universal elements, such as CAD systems.

In such cases, CAD modules are fitted with special tools in order to make them fit the company's specialization. For instance, CAD Autodesk Inventor might be fitted with an API (Application Programming Interface) to help create custom software modules. Creating software based on a popular graphics editor is much faster than developing original software from scratch.

Modern API are convenient in the sense that they don't use the outdated methods of functionality expansion via macro language integration (or integration of limited function libraries). Additionally, the UI is compatible with all modern CAD tools; it is capable or recognizing high-level languages and it is designed for online work. All this greatly expands the boundaries of even the most highly specialized software. 

We offer comprehensive design and manufacturing solutions, tailored to your particular enterprise. Our efficiency comes from the interconnection between Autodesk Inventor and Revit, fitted with API.

Software for design and manufacturing automation by the Amarant company offers the following advantages:

  • streamlined development of the optimal design solutions;
  • development of custom software for the wide range of Autodesk products;
  • increase in safety and efficiency thanks to precise mathematical models and engineering technologies;
  • lower production costs and higher operational efficiency;
  • decrease in costs and increase in labor productivity in the design department;
  • sсshorter design times;
  • ability to perform in-depth analysis during design phase with no need for prototypes, lab testing, etc.;
  • expanded scope of use for ready-made design solutions.