Muliphase calculations

Simulation of multiphase flows of liquids and gases

  • Determined the oil supply pressure level that results in cavitation
  • Determined the limits of the distinctive modes of the cavitator
  • Calculated the rating curve
  • Achieved congruence of practical and estimated pressure levels at which cavitation occurs (within 10% range)
  • Device is successfully being used in oil processing and transportation



Cavitation nozzle extension for ultrasound processing of deep-seated mineral formations 

  • Researched the viability of using high-frequency ultrasound vibrations of the nozzle plating to create powerful waves of overpressure and underpressure using cavitation
  • Device is designed for ultrasound processing of deep-seated mineral formations
  • Simulation results confirm the viability of usage and justify moving to the prototype stage




Artificial counterflow system for swimming pools

  • Artificial counterflow system is designed for studying the dynamics of swimmers' movement and is aimed to facilitate creation of flexible training exercises for professional athletes 
  • Choice of the optimal geometric configuration comes as a result of multiple tests 
  • Device ensures a uniform flow at the athlete's location
  • Device ensures a uniform flow at the athlete's location



Development of a rowing machine. Measuring oar resistance in different geometric configurations and with different physical parameters

  • Created an automated simulation tool using CAE software
  • Performed calculation on around 400 points – with variations in angles, immersion depth, and flow speed
  • Tuned the rowing machine's feedback system using the collected data. The device has been successfully developed and manufactured, and is now used at Moscomsport (Moscow Department for Physical Culture and Sports) facilities



Fuel flow and spray in pintle injectors of diesel engines

  • Performed studies on characteristics of pintle injectors of the chosen configuration
  • Studied various time windows of open needle positions, various injection pressure levels, numbers of injections per stroke, etc.
  • Constructed and tested an engine prototype