Development of model combustion chambers for gaseous and liquid fuels


  • Simulation of fuel injection and fuel spray; simulation of evaporation, decomposition, and combustion of hydrocarbons in the combustion chamber
  • Refined chamber construction to optimize workflow
  • Determined flow characteristics upon exit: gas composition, pressure, temperature, and combustion efficiency



Mixing chamber for high-enthalpy electric-arc air flow heater

  • High-enthalpy electric-arc air flow heater is used for ground testing of thermal protection of materials
  • Cold flow of an oxygen-air mixture is introduced into a hot nitrogen flow
  • Simulated the mixing of chemically reactive flows
  • Accounted for NO2, NO, O, N, O2, N2 and other radicals
  • Developed practical solutions for achieving (upon exit) a uniform flow in terms of temperature and chemical makeup