Development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with vertical take-off and landing systems and rotary motors

  • Developed a computer take-off model for the UAV
  • Calculated the kinematics of the motors
  • Developed a control system
  • Determined the influence of the aircraft shape, weight distribution, crosswinds, engine thrust characteristics and other parameters on takeoff




Calculated aerodynamic characteristics of UAV (capable of vertical take-off and landing) during transient conditions

  • Developed a three-dimensional numerical model of the UAV capable of vertical take-off and landing/short take-off and landing
  • Researched the aircraft aerodynamics during transient conditions — transition from vertical take-off to horizontal flight
  • Validated the computational methods used to process experimental data pertaining to the influence the airflow from the tractor propeller on the aircraft wing
  • Measured the aerodynamic characteristics of the UAV under conditions of varying flight control deflections, varying flight and propeller speeds
  • Using the measured aerodynamic characteristics, designed a UAV control system for transient conditions, which is currently is the development stage